If you have real problems -- leakage, masonry cracking or deterioration, window or skylight leakage, fogging glass, condensation, mold growing on interior finishes, delamination or buckling of flooring -- you shouldn't have to guess what's causing it. You need to know the real causes, and compare options for repair, before you start spending money.

We get up onto the building and have a look for ourselves. We water-test with spray racks to determine how and why the building leaks. We make openings in the walls, where necessary, to observe the condition of concealed elements such as fasteners and flashings. And we look for the clues that other people may not have noticed.

Water in the portrait gallery

Leavitt Associates was contacted by an ivy-league university because they had found leaks in the wall of a gallery, where some 18th century portraits of their presidents and trustees had to be taken down to avoid being damaged by water.

We arrived at the site the following morning, with spray racks, and a lift, and determined the cause of the leaks. We responded with a written report the same day, and worked with a contractor to develop a repair that was implemented immediately.



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Not all sand is created equal...

Sand that is sold as "masonry" sand often has too many fine particles and not enough coarse particles. A proper gradation of particle sizes is needed to minimize shrinkage of the mortar when it hardens.

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